Coming Clean

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It has been over a month since my post on Physical Integrity and my weight and fat loss goal, and yesterday my sister reminded me of that post when I was confessing that rather than losing weight since that post I have actually gained weight (almost 5 pounds!) and added half an inch to my waistline.  So this seems an appropriate time to acknowledge my setback and regroup.

As I noted in my previous post on Embracing Setbacks: Harnessing the Power of Failure, this setback is not a final defeat, but rather an ideal opportunity to more carefully examine both my goal and the circumstances that have led to this setback and an opportunity to reevaluate and refine my strategy for achieving this goal.

Reflecting on what I have observed thus far, it is clear that there are a number of factors that I need to investigate:

  • Overestimating the ease of achieving this goal based on my fundamental cardiovascular fitness level
  • Underestimating my \”adversary\” – the habitual patterns and behaviors that support the current status quo
  • Attempting to work on a specific facet of my life in isolation, without taking into consideration the interactions between other facets of my life and their influence on my physical dimension

I don\’t have time to investigate all of these right now, but as I continue to work on this aspect of my life I plan to follow up on at least some of these observations.  More to follow!


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