A New Beginning, A New Dream

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September 1st: A new day, a new month, and a new beginning.  And for me, a new dream.

Now that the hottest days of summer are beginning to wane, my intent is to step back for a bit to gain some perspective on where I am in my life\’s journey.  Particularly after the frantic activity of this summer – purchasing and moving into a new house, moving my two oldest daughters up to Denver, and dealing with a huge number of unexpected personal and business issues – I can sense that it is important for me to take some time to step out of the stream of activity so I can clearly perceive where I am and where my current trajectory is taking me.

Since this blog is an ideal place for me to reflect on my journey, my intent is to follow the internal nudges that have been encouraging me to resume a more regular writing practice and use this forum as an opportunity to realize that goal.  My sense at the moment is that this is a time for me to get back to basics – rather than starting something new or formulating a novel direction and scheme for my life, my sense is that this beginning is about distilling, simplifying and instilling what I already know.

The nudges that have spurred me to resume my writing were themselves very simple and very direct: my recent dreams.  Almost all of my recent dreams have transported me back in time to earlier periods in my life and given me powerful insights into how those periods conspired to bring me to my current circumstances.  These dreams have also given me fresh, new perspectives from which to view my past, and it is precisely this sort of perceptual re-framing that I believe is needed in my current circumstances.

So my intent for this month is clear: take some time and some perspective to reflect on my life, and use this perspective to begin a new dream.

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