Back in the Saddle, Back to Assimilation

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I have just returned from a two week business trip that took me to Mumbai, India and then on to Rome, Italy.  It took me a day to readjust after my return, but I have just managed to reset my biological clock to my home time zone.  Although the trip was a lot of fun (especially Rome!), I am glad to be back home and to have a chance to take some time to get back into blogging.  I have a number of chores and a mountain of paperwork and bills to attend to over the weekend, but I intend to take time this evening to follow up on my previous post concerning assimilation. 


My focus in exploring the assimilation phase of the creative process will be on the physical goal I previously outlined in The Creative Approach to Weight Loss post.   Just to refresh everyone\’s memory, this is the post in which I outlined my desire to have \”a body like Bruce Lee\’s\”, and subsequent posts developed some of my strategies for achieving that goal.  Over the intervening months Spirit has been working in my life in the most amazing ways to help me refine this goal and also to re-examine my approach for achieving that goal.  The messages have, in retrospect, been loud and clear, but at the time they simply looked like setbacks or obstacles along my path that were extremely frustrating to experience.  It is only with the passage of time and the willingness to accept and be curious about these obstacles that the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together.  And what an amazingly beautiful pattern that puzzle is creating! 

Stay tuned . . .

Assimilation: Taking Time to Reflect on Your Guidance

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April and May of this year have been a period of extreme transition for me, as a number of apparent \”obstacles\” have shown up in my life.  As I mentioned in my post on Obstacles, I have chosen to interpret these obstacles as sign posts that Spirit has placed along my path to help me recognize where I have gone off on a tangent or otherwise detoured from my path.  Although the messages these obstacles brought me were quite clear, it has taken me a period of almost two months to really come to terms with what it is that I must do in order to honor those messages and continue along my path.

This period, when it appears that very little is happening in terms of outside accomplishments, is known as assimilation, and is actually a period of intense internal activity where our internal \”wiring\” is reconfigured to take into account the new information and possibilities that Spirit has presented to us.  Although to an outside observer very little seems to be happening, to the person experiencing this phase of the creative cycle it is a time of intense reflection and conceptual reconstruction that often leads to a quantum leap in terms of insight, world view, and overall perspective.

This latest episode of assimilation has been a very challenging period for me, particular because I am so intensely focused on the external manifestation of my desires.  Indeed, pointing out this almost obsessive focus on external manifestation on my part was precisely one of the messages that Spirit was trying to convey to me.  This perspective of evaluating reality on the basis of external manifestations, while useful in the appropriate circumstances, can be and often is a hindrance when we have deep internal structures that need to be examined and modified.  The inherent bias towards action and accomplishment that is implicit in the external manifestation perspective acts as a distraction, a leads to a counterproductive sense that one is \”wasting\” time by focusing on internal issues.  Precisely because this internal processing often yields little or nothing in terms of observable change or progress, from the perspective of external manifestation it is a complete waste of time.  However, this is precisely the function of the assimilation phase, for what is happening is that you are taking in new information and perspectives and re-arranging your internal representations and world view to integrate that new data.  This takes both time and intense effort, and trying to accomplish or externally manifest your goals during this period is almost always counter-productive.  The reason such activity is counter-productive during the assimilation phase is that once the assimilation is complete a new perspective almost invariably emerges, and this new perspective almost always points out the need for a course correction along our path.  Indeed, that is why the \”obstacles\” – the new information – appeared in the first place: to let us know that we had taken a detour and were following a route that would eventually take us away from our intended destination!

In order to make this discussion of assimilation more concrete, I intend to focus the month of June on writing posts that discuss some of the insights I have gained as a result of my two month sabbatical.  Hopefully these examples will help to illustrate the types of internal conceptual transformations that occur during the assimilation phase, and how these shifts in perspective radically transform our view of what is important in our lives.

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