Lense – A Spiritual Community Cleanse

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I am taking part in a cleansing ritual with my spiritual community that will last from February 2nd to March 19th. Because this cleanse will roughly correspond to the Lent period before Easter, our community has decided to call this ritual Lense (Lent + Cleanse = Lense). The dates for Lense begin with Candlemas (also known as Imbolc) and end with the Spring Equinox (also known as Eostar). I am not really tied to those specific dates and am also feeling very motivated as the beginning of February approaches, so I intend to begin a day early and may even continue through to Easter. In any event, the specific dates are not as important as the intent for this ritual, which is to set aside time for \”Spring cleaning\” of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual facets – to create space and healing so we can connect more directly and deeply with Spirit.

Here are my plans for Lense:

  • MENTAL: Practice mindfulness and gratitude by silently praying and giving thanks before each meal. My normal modus operandi could best be described as \”squat and gobble\”, so this will be quite a challenge for me!
  • EMOTIONAL: Expression fast – refrain from expressing overwhelm (a common response for me, particularly at work) and replace this with a sense of excitement and gratitude for the abundance of opportunities I have.
  • PHYSICAL: Nature\’s Secret digestive cleanse combined with a vegetarian + fish diet for the entire period. In addition, I plan to do one 3 day fast and one 7 day fast at some point during Lense. I was also going to refrain from wine, but at the last minute came to my senses – the purpose of Lense is to create space and healing so we can begin anew with the Spring, not to deprive ourselves!
  • SPIRITUAL: Daily grounding / centering as well as a daily energy cleanse using a rattle to \”shake things up\”

Given that my daily routine thus far has been very sporadic this a pretty ambitious list, but I am really excited to move forward with my community in this new practice. I intend to track my progress throughout the Lense period, and while I don\’t expect perfection I feel this will be a fantastic opportunity to move forward on my path with support from my community. As I have a lot of travel and other events scheduled throughout February and March I will not be updating my progress on a daily basis, but I\’m hoping to at least provide weekly updates as the process unfolds.

Stay tuned!

Hello World!

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Hello world! This is my first post and I am really excited to see how this website evolves. I am very new to blogging and website design, and thus have had to rely on the good auspices of my eldest daughter to get this site up and running. She has done a tremendous job setting the framework for this site up – now my task is to fill it with content!

I will primarily be focusing on the Physical (more specifically on health, fitness, and vitality) during the first quarter of 2008, so my initial posts will most likely revolve around diet, nutrition, and exercise. Although I am in fairly good physical shape in terms of my cardiovascular strength and endurance, I have a number of improvement goals centered around improving my upper body strength, flexibility, and overall physique. Tomorrow I will try to outline the basic game plan I am adopting in terms of diet and nutrition, but for the time being I will go ahead and post this as my first ever blog entry!

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