A Lesson in Faith

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Amy and Poppy – Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006 was a celebration that my youngest daughter, Amy, will never forget.  That was the year that I finally capitulated and decided to get her what she had begging for over the past several years: a kitten of her own to take care of.  One week before Christmas my middle daughter, Lindsay, went with me to the Houston SPCA shelter to pick out a kitten, only to find that all of the kittens had already been adopted.  What to do?  Lindsay and I went from cage to cage, and each time we seemed to be drawn to a young gray Tabby named \”Gladys\”.  Although she wasn\’t really a kitten (I believe she was about 8 months old at that time) Lindsay and I asked to see her and after a few minutes alone with her we were hooked – she was extremely affectionate and had a sweet but also mischievous and playful disposition.  We had to leave her at the shelter to get her shots and have her neutered, so on Christmas Day Amy was very perplexed when one of her gifts was a big bag of cat food.  \”What\’s this for?\” she queried as she continued to paw through the wrapping paper to see if there was a real present hidden within.  \”Read the card\”, I said.  I can still remember the tears that came to Amy\’s eyes when she realized that we had adopted a young cat for her and that she would soon have a new furry companion . . .

When we brought our new cat home after Christmas, the girls immediately renamed her \”Poppy\” and she soon became an indispensable part of the family.  Not only was she warm and affectionate, but she was also extremely clever and more than a little devious.  She always delighted in hiding in our cupboards and springing out to frighten us at the most unexpected moments.  On top of that she eventually learned how to open a closed door and was notorious for sneaking out of our apartment whenever the door was not double locked.  When we moved into a house earlier this summer, her playful ways continued, but we did grow concerned that on occasion she would stay away from home for a day or two before returning home.

Then on October 2nd of this year Poppy dashed out the front door and did not return the following morning.  Nor did she return the following day.  Nor the following.  Nor the following week, nor the week after that, nor . . . well, you get the idea.  The entire family realized that with each passing week the chances of her returning dwindled and by the beginning of this month our hope was really starting to fade.

During our church service last Sunday, I noticed that Amy was filling out a prayer request form and although I didn\’t read the entire form I couldn\’t help noticing that she was asking for the church to pray for Poppy\’s safe return.  At the end of the service she asked me where to deposit the request, and as I was not 100% sure I told her to place it in the offering box, where I was sure it would be appropriately routed.  To be honest, by this point I did not hold out much hope of Poppy ever returning.

Yesterday evening, we were calling our other cat (Mindy) inside after dinner without much success.  After I tried a couple of times I asked Amy to try, but she didn\’t have any more success than I did, so we went about our chores – clearing up the dinner table, putting away dishes, and cleaning the kitchen.  Just as I was finishing picking up, I heard a familiar \”meow\” in the back yard so I opened the back door to let Mindy in and in strolled . . . Poppy!

At first I could not believe my eyes.  She was incredibly emaciated, but even in her skin-and-bones state there was no mistaking that this was Poppy.  I called to Amy who was equally dumbfounded.  All that either of us could do for a few moments was hug each other and cry for joy as we witnessed a miracle in our own kitchen: our cat that had been missing for almost 7 weeks had returned!  Her collar had somehow gotten wrapped around her neck and her left forepaw, and it was clear that it had been stuck like that for quite some time: so much so that the buckle had abraded into her skin and made a fairly deep wound.  I cut her collar off and gave her some food: then Amy and I held hands and stared in a disbelief at the ghost in front of us.  I am certain that some of Lazarus\’ friends and relatives felt the same way as he emerged from the tomb: Can this be?

Poppy is still very fragile, but the vet has checked her out and although she was suffering from massive dehydration and weight loss (she went from 11 pounds to 7 pounds), her abrasion seems to be healing well and we are hopeful that she will have a complete recovery.  Most amazing of all in this entire episode was the simple lesson of faith that my 11 year old daughter taught me:

Never give up hope.  And never, ever underestimate the power of prayer or question the reality of Divine intervention. 

We truly are blessed to live in a world alive with Spirit!  Or as they say at our church: God is good . . . all the time!

A Sense of Truth

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Over the past few months I have been exploring what I am fairly certain is a distinct sensory modality – separate from sight, hearing, smell, taste, or feeling – that directly responds to Truth.  By Truth (as opposed to truth), I mean to indicate that this sense responds to something fundamental to the nature of the world and ourselves – something core and essential to our nature as spiritual beings.  So this sense is not a \”lie detector\” or a means of discriminating between truth and falsehood (as , for example, kinesiology as made famous by David Hawkins\’ books), but a rather a sense that detects when something \”deeper\” than surface appearances is emerging in your reality.

I call this sense the sense of Truth, and hopefully a description of its attributes and an example of it will give you a good idea of what I am referring to.

First the attributes of this sense.  From my experience, this sense emanates along the bridge of the nose, above the nostrils up the midpoint of the brow.  The initial sensation is one of pressure and tingling, as if the bridge of your nose is being gently pinched and electrified, and then the only way I can describe its development is that it blossoms – gently unfolds and blooms – and then tears begin to form, and if the truth is deep enough, to flow.  The blossoming itself has the feeling of a gentle flame – perhaps a candle flame – that unfolds and consumes the dross matter of everyday existence, cleaves the emotional staleness that we often mire ourselves in, and leaves in its wake purity.

I am certain that almost everyone reading this has experienced this sense directly, although you may not have considered it a distinct sensory mode but simply as an emotional response.  The experience associated with this sense comes at pivotal points in life, or even in a movie that you are watching.  It is the sense that gets activated in the movie Casablanca when you first realize that Rick is not getting on the plane with Ilsa, that he has chosen to do something fundamentally right and true; that he is committed to something larger than himself.  And perhaps it is this Sense of Truth that connects us most deeply to our own divine nature.

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