Starlightwalker – Back on the Air

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I\’m back!

During the past week I had some website issues and in the process of getting them resolved realized that I have not posted anything on this site since 2012.  Yikes!  Time really does fly, and even more so as one ages.  Obviously a lot has transpired in the three years since I last posted an article, but rather than try to recap I think I will just use this as an opportunity to start anew with a fresh perspective.

Although I\’m not sure what I will want to write about going forward it is clear to me that I do want to get back into the habit of posting new entries on a periodic basis.  In the past I have tended to write fairly lengthy articles, but I am more inclined at this juncture towards shorter, more focused entries.




Eternal Passage

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Half a world away
The veil of night fades into a pale gray dawn
And electronic news that it is done:
You have crossed the bridge of light.

A circling pigeon tests the morning air and
Recalls a vision from the depths of slumber
Enfolded in the mystery of a time and place beyond my ken.

Golden hair and satin gown unfurls
As the wind fills your wings and lifts you free,
Ascending along the arc of a dream
Into the infinite blue and the light beyond.

As you soared out of sight
You gifted the wind a reminder of your silent ascent,
A single white feather that floats to the ground
Reminding me to trust the immensity of the sky
And the rush of wind that urges me to spread my wings
To their fullest span and spiral up into amaranthine heavens
In the unbounded joy of flight.

– In memory of Zaneta Matkowska

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